Prof. Gary T. Anderson, Ph.D.

演講題目:How To Build A Mechanical Cockroach

演講人:Prof. Gary T. Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Applied Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA.


地點:工程五館B1 國際會議廳

摘要:This talk describes two ongoing projects in the Robotics Lab at the University of Arkansas. The first uses a controller based on the nervous system of insects. Insects use neural oscillators, called Central Pattern Generators, as the basis of locomotion. This work hypothesizes that many instinctive behaviors seen in insects are programmed into the nervous system in the form of coupled oscillators. Based on this idea, we use coupled oscillators to instill behaviors in a team of autonomous mobile robots. Details on the implementation are given, as well as results from experiments. The second project involves developing a way to rapidly look for water on Mars using a team of two rovers. In this project, a spectrometer is divided into two, with each half placed on a different robot. The robots then search for a local source of water in the area between the two rovers. Hardware and navigation issues related to this project are presented.