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畢業學年 姓名 論文題目
2017 蔡函志
Visual Servoing and Compliant Motion Control of a Continuum Robot
Navigation and Control Design for a Human Guidance Robot
The Control Design of a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton for Walking Recovery Based on Step Symmetry
Collision-free Motion Planning for Human-Robot Collaborative Safety under Cartesian Constraints
Voice Remote Control Design of a Mobile Robot Using Shared-Control Approach
Design and Implementation of a Robot Fuel-Cell Power Supply System
Gesture Recognition and its Application to Human-Robot Interaction Control
江信毅( Ph.D.)
Motion Planning and Control Design of Walking-assistant Robots
Agus Lesmana
Design for Walking Rehabilitation of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton Based on Interaction Torque
Task Learning Design for a Home Robot Based on Voice Commands
Visual Servoing Design for a Continuum Robot Using a Stereo Camera
2016 劉鴻燊
Design and Implementation of a Manipulator Learning System Based on Shared Control Approach
Assistive Torque Generation for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton Based on Gait Motion Prediction
Design and Implementation of an Attitude Controller for an Octocopter Using Fuzzy+PID
2015 吳尚陽
Compliant Motion Control of a Walk-Assistant Robot Based on Force and Gait Information
Voice-Controlled Continuum Robot and Its Hybrid Visual Servoing under Visibility Constraints
2014 吳政輝
CAD-Based Pose Estimation for Random Bin-Picking of Multiple Objects
Design of Bipedal Gait Compensation on Slope Surfaces using Sensory Data Tracking
The Lower Limb Exoskeleton Pilot Balance detect and Assist by Created Model and Center of Body
Probability-Based Pose Planning for Mobile Manipulation
Instrument Contact Force Estimation Using a 3D Reconstruction Model
Shared-Controller Design for an Omnidirectional Interactive Robot
2013 吳京叡

Walking Aid Design of a Humanoid Dual-arm Robot

Surgical Instrument Rrcognition and Tracking Using Endoscopic Image Sequences
Robust Emotion Recognition by Using a Temporal-Reinforced Approach
Development of Wearable Robotic Fingers for Rehabilitation Applications

Pose-control Design for Bipedal Walking on Unknown Slope Surfaces

韓孟儒( Ph.D.)
Design of Robotic Emotion Model and Human Emotion Recognition
林嘉豪( Ph.D.)
Design of Location Aware Systems using Zigbee-based Intelligent Environment and Mobile Robots
2012 徐尉嘉
Embedded Image Processing System and SURF Feature Extraction
Carlos Cervantes
Emotion-Based Music Player for Companion Robots
A Call-to-Service Disign for Mobile Robots Using Wireless Sensor Network

Study of Map Join in EKF-SLAM

2011 簡碩成
Facial Expression Recognition with Mixture Ratio of Basic Expressions and Expression Intensity Estimation
Vision-Based Design for Adaptive Grasping of a Humanoid Robot Arm
A Campliance Control and Safety Design of a Robotic Manopulator
2010 張哲豪
Visual Servo Design of a Mobile Manipulator Based on Stereo Vision
An Integrated Design of Face and Facial Expression Recognition
Image-Based Human Activity Detection for Robotic Applications
2009 袁立德 Mobile Robot Loop Closing and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Monocular Camera
黃科棟 Slop Surface Compliant Motion Control Design of a Walking Help Robot
An Adaptive Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Image-Based Human Pose Recognition
2008 許煥坤
Gait Compensation Control Design of a Biped Robot
Compliance Control of a Walking Helper Based on Motor Current Measurement
Pose-Variant Face Recognition and Its Application to Human-Robot Interaction
Localization System Design of Mobile Robots Using Wireless Sensor Network
Simultaneous localization and mapping of an omni-directional robotic platform
Object Grasping of a Mobile Manipulator Using Image Recognition
蔡奇謚 ( Ph.D.)
Color Filter Array Interpolation for an Image Sensor and Visual Tracking Control Design of a Wheeled Mobile Robot


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Omni- Directional Images
2007 洪濬尉
A Fast Learning Algorithm for Robotic Facial Expression Recgnition
Multi-Person Pose Estimation Using a Zigbee Sensor Network
2006 戴任詔(Ph.D.) Camera Calibration and Image TRacking for Traffic Parameter Estimation
陳宏宜 Image-Based Motion Detection System for Lateral Safety Assistance
葉忠憲 Grasping Control of a Mobile Manipulator
許晉懷 Bimodal Emotion Recognition System Using Image and Speech Information
鐘鎮謙 Mobile Robot Localization Using A Laser Range Finder
2005 沈松歭 Design of a Vision Chip for Lateral Motion Detection
孫柏秋 Behavior-Based Multi-Robot Coordination Control
周崇民 Real-Time Face Tracking Under Illumination Variation
林鎮源 Design of a Behavior-Fusion Controller for Mobile Robot Navigation
2004 陳志豪 Navigation Design of a Cleaning Robot Using Infrared Sensors
林嘉豪 A Flexible Real-Time Control System for Autonomous Mobile Robots
沈E瀚 An Embedded Image Processing Platform for a Mobile Manipulator
王耀慶 Remote Posture Monitoring Using a Two-Axis Accelerometer
2003 楊智傑 Visual Tracking System and Its Applications to Vehicle Safety
邱黃正憲 Localization and Map-Building Using Multi-Robot Cooperative Sensing
黃信益 Behavior-Based Home Robot Navigation Design
王忠富 Vision Sensor Design for Intelligent Vehicle Applications
陳文俊 Face Recognition and Its Applications to Human-Robot Interaction
2002 林 清 波
Traffic Monitoring Based on Real-time Image Tracking
簡 辰 竹
Design and Implementation of a Visual Tracking System for a Home Robot
顏 坤 銘
Development of a Speech Recognition System
陳 建 良
Development of a Sound Direction Detection System
陳 文 斌
Development of an Environment Exploration System for a Home Robot
2001 曾 舜 璋
Image Tracking and Its Application to Traffic Parameter Estimation 
吳 俊 鵬
Development of a CMOS Image Sensor with On-chip Movement 
Detection Circuits
羅 文 期
Motion Control of a Parallel Machine and CMAC Learning 
Controller Design 
陳 宏 庭
Map Building of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Remote 
Cooperative Sensing 
2000 李 啟 銘
Developement of Real-time Image Processing Card and Its
Application to Image Tracking Control
黃 瑞 祥
Mixed Optical Flow Estimation and Its Application to
Real-time Obstacle Avoidance
林 俊 育
Path Tracking Controller Design Based on Stereo Computer Vision
陳 建 盛
Design and Fabrication of a Silicon Microphone 
Motion Control System of a Hexaglide
Path planning and Control of a Guidance Robot for Blind Pedestrian

Design and Implementation of a Multirobot system for Team Competition

Indoor Navigation System Design of a Mobile Robot
Visual Servo with Application to Elevator Manipulation of an Intelligent Mobile Robot
Guidance Control Design of an Autonomous Vehicle Using Real-time Computer Vision
Study of Temperature Sensing System of Rapid
Thermal Processing


Autonomous Navigation of an Intelligent Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment, Ph. D. Thesis
Design and Implementation of a DSP-Based Path Tracking Controller for an Automated Guided Vehicle
A Neural Dynamic Estimator for Adaptive Force/Position Control of Robot Manipulator
Control Design and Experimental Study for a Robot Using Reinforcement Learning
Real-time Image Processing and Its Application to Mobile
Robot Navigation
Intelligent Motion Planning and Control for a  Mobile Robot
Design of a Visual Tracking System Using Artificial
Neural Networks
A Model-based Hybrid Control Design for a Robot with On-line Environment Estimation
A Fast Path-planning Method for a Mobile Robot in an
Unknow Environment
Application of a Neural Network Based Controller for Direct Drive Servo System
Design and Implementation of a Sensory System for Environment Recognition of Robotic Systems
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Force Control  for an Industrial Robot
Sensor Based Path Planning for a Mobile Robot
Learning Control Application for Robot Manipulation
Multi-sensor Fusion and World Modeling for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Design and Implementation of Force Control of a Robot Gripper
Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Navigation of a Mobile Robot
Motion Planning and Localization of a Mobile Robot Based on Multiple Sensors
Motion Control of Mobile Robot
On-line Motion Planning of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on Sensory Information

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