Research Results

應用雙軸加速度計之人體 姿態辨識系統
Remote Posture Monitoring Using a Two-Axis Accelerometer

研 究 生: 王耀慶 Yao-Qing Wang
指導教授:宋開泰 博士
Dr.Kai-Tai So ng


In this study, a remote posture monitoring system has been developed for human status estimation. We propose a wearable sensor including a two-axis accelerometer, 8 bit microcontroller and RF wireless communication module. The acquired body motion signals are transmitted to a host computer via RF link for further processing. This thesis develops an algorithm for feature extraction using wavelet transform. We decompose the signal into five levels and extract low-frequency components for useful features. Pattern recognition techniques are applied then to recognize five basic postures: up stairs, down stairs, walking, standing, and sitting. On-line experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

圖 1 遠端姿態估測系統架構圖

圖 2 人體姿態訊號擷取傳送模組

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