Dr. Gary T. Anderson ( Visiting Professor )

Email: gtanderson@ualr.edu

Research Interests

  • Interaction and cooperative behaviors in groups of mobile robots
  • Biologically inspired architectures for control of mobile robots Learning in autonomous robots Distributed control systems Embedded computing
  • Neural networks for nonlinear dynamic system identification


  • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, 1989, University of Texas, Austin.
  • M.S. Biomedical Engineering, 1987, University of Texas, Austin.
  • Certificate, Mandarin Training Center, 1982, Taiwan Normal University.
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1979, Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Selected Publications

  • Hashemi, R.R., Jin, L., Anderson, G.T., Wilson, E., and Clark, M.R., "A Comparison of Search Patterns for Cooperative Robots Operating in Remote Environment" , Proceedings of The 2001 Int. Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC-2000), Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2001.
  • Chang, C.H., Anderson, G.T. and Loizou, P.C., "A Neural Network Model for Optimizing Vowel Identification by Cochlear Implant Users" , accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering, 2000. Clark, M.R., Anderson, G.T. and Skinner, R.D., "Coupled Oscillator Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots" , Autonomous Robots, Vol. 9 No. 2, 2000, pp. 189-198. Anderson, G.T. and Shelton, R.O., "Confidence Limits on Rough Set Rules Generated from a Limited Number of Examples" , accepted for publication in International Journal of General Systems, 2000.
  • Anderson, G.T., Zheng, J., Wyeth, R.P., Johnson, A., Bissett, J. and the POSCH Group "A Rough Set/Fuzzy Logic Based Decision Making System for Medical Applications" , accepted for publication in International Journal of General Systems, 2000.