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畢業年份 姓名 論文題目 目前服務單位
2001 曾 舜 璋 Image Tracking and Its Application to Traffic Parameter 
吳 俊 鵬 Development of a CMOS Image Sensor with On-chip Movement 
Detection Circuits
羅 文 期 Motion Control of a Parallel Machine and CMAC Learning 
Controller Design 
陳 宏 庭 Map Building of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Remote 
Cooperative Sensing 
2000 李 啟 銘 Developement of Real-time Image Processing Card and Its
Application to Image Tracking Control
黃 瑞 祥 Mixed Optical Flow Estimation and Its Application to
Real-time Obstacle Avoidance
林 俊 育 Path Tracking Controller Design Based on Stereo Computer Vision 工研院
陳 建 盛 Design and Fabrication of a Silicon Microphone  工研院
1999 Motion Control System of a Hexaglide 飛利浦電子
Path planning and Control of a Guidance Robot for
Blind Pedestrian
Design and Implementation of a Multirobot system for
Team Competition
1998 Indoor Navigation System Design of a Mobile Robot 中科院電子所
Visual Servo with Application to Elevator Manipulation of an Intelligent Mobile Robot  
1997 Guidance Control Design of an Autonomous Vehicle Using Real-time Computer Vision 矽統科技
Study of Temperature Sensing System of Rapid
Thermal Processing


Autonomous Navigation of an Intelligent Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment, Ph. D. Thesis 工研院光電所
1996 Design and Implementation of a DSP-Based Path Tracking Controller for an Automated Guided Vehicle 中科院電子所
A Neural Dynamic Estimator for Adaptive Force/Position Control of Robot Manipulator  
1995 Control Design and Experimental Study for a Robot Using Reinforcement Learning  
Real-time Image Processing and Its Application to Mobile
Robot Navigation
Intelligent Motion Planning and Control for a  Mobile Robot   建興電子
Design of a Visual Tracking System Using Artificial
Neural Networks
1994 A Model-based Hybrid Control Design for a Robot with On-line Environment Estimation  
A Fast Path-planning Method for a Mobile Robot in an
Unknow Environment
1993 Application of a Neural Network Based Controller for Direct Drive Servo System 點晶科技
Design and Implementation of a Sensory System for Environment Recognition of Robotic Systems 工研院光電所
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Force Control  for an Industrial Robot 錸德科技
Sensor Based Path Planning for a Mobile Robot 錸德科技
Learning Control Application for Robot Manipulation  
1992 Multi-sensor Fusion and World Modeling for an Autonomous Mobile Robot 工研院光電所
Design and Implementation of Force Control of a Robot Gripper 工研院光電所
Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Navigation of a
Mobile Robot
1991 Motion Planning and Localization of a Mobile Robot Based on Multiple Sensors 高雄技術學院
Motion Control of Mobile Robot 仲琦科技
On-line Motion Planning of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on Sensory Information  

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